Schools for Tropical Savanna Climate, Africa. Winning project

Schools for Tropical Savanna Climate, Africa

Tipología       Equipamiento educativo
Cliente         Kimse Yok Mu NGO
Año             2015
Lugar           Africa

Co-Winning Project

«…If there is a teacher in the village , the space under the tree serves as a classroom. In the morning all the children from the area come here…» 

Ryszard Kapuscinski, The Shadow of the Sun, 2001

Schools for savanna climate africa_model_barriobalmaseda

The Competition aims to support the development of original, innovative, environmentalist and economical school architecture designs and the implementation of innovative ideas for the Field Schools planned to be constructed in various countries. As a consulting member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and committed to supporting sustainable development, ’’Kimse Yok Mu” Solidarity and Aid Association shall build within 5 years many Field Schools, that will provide basic education and deliver them to the national education institutions of Africa.

Our SCHOOL wants to be an small but super efficient building.

Using a ‘spiral’ two story strategy we are able to provide the 100 sqm and the 200 sqm in a footprint which is 30% less than if we develop it in one floor. This reduce significantly the cost of material and the ecological impact  being a flexible, affordable and energy efficient device.

Schools for savanna climate africa_scheme 1_barriobalmaseda

In addition, we are able to give a protected up space and an open air step for the community.  The green roof is the better option for isolation and also good for growing food.

Schools for savanna climate africa_scheme2 _barriobalmaseda

Only one existing tree and earth is required to build his project. The tree is the element that build the courtyard and the community, the earth becomes the construction material used as compress stabilized earth blocks.

Schools for savanna climate africa_plants2_barriobalmaseda copia

Schools for savanna climate africa_interior_barriobalmaseda

To storage water is also a big priority introducing different tanks for rain water and waste water.

To be self-efficient in terms of energy is the last worried. We introduce solar panels and batteries to provide electricity for the scholar use.

Schools for savanna climate africa_scheme5 _barriobalmaseda

FLEXIBILITY – The ‘L’ shape around the courtyard facilitates the different uses of the space. Moveable furniture gives the possibility of divide  the spaces according to the requirements.

Schools for savanna climate africa_variations_barriobalmaseda

COMMUNITY – The open air steps give accessibility to the terrace and acts as a community space for also for the people of the surroundings.

FARMING – In the terrace we found a farming area where produce food for daily meal of the children.

Schools for savanna climate africa_images_barriobalmaseda



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